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For sale thru: Owner
Property Address W295 S5445 Holiday Oak Dr.
Genesee, WI 53189
Contact: Paul Kalawa &
Barb Kalawa
Appointment Required for Private Showing

Financing Example A Example B Payment Example A Example B
Price $1,199,000.00 $1,199,000.00 Principal & Interest $3,913.25 $2,609.06
Down Payment($) $299,750.00 $599,500.00 Real Estate Taxes P/Mth $1,029.25 $1,029.25
Mortgage $899,250.00 $599,500.00 Home Insurance $265.00 $265.00
Mortgage w/PMI N/A N/A Mortgage Insurance N/A N/A
Interest Rate 3.2500% 3.2500%      
Loan Type ARM-5 ARM-5 Total Monthly Payment $5,207.50 $3,903.31
Term (Years) 30 30      
Down Payment (%) 25% 50%      
Estimated Cash Required For: Example A Example B To Qualify For: Example A Example B
Down Payment $299,750.00 $599,500.00 Your Gross Annual Income Should Be At Least: $224,812.00 $149,875.00
Monthly Out of Pocket Expenses $1,500.00 $1,500.00 Based on that Minimum income, your total monthly debt, (credit card, installment, etc.) should not exceed: $1,350.00 $900.00
Points Motgage Insurance N/A N/A      
1 Months Property Taxes, Insurance, 30 Days Interest/Principal $5,208.00 $3,903.00      
Total Monthly Payment $6,708.00 $5,403.00      

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